1. I’ve been gone for far too long…

    …i feel like a tumblr virgin all over again. It’s been months since my last post and I wish I could say I’ve been off galavanting around and traveling the world but the real reason is much less exciting. Needless to say I have been drawn back like a moth to a flame. Time to scour the internet and my photo archives and get to posting.

  2. metalographerphotography said: Just wanted to say you made my day :] I love when you come back after awhile with a ton of new cool stuff to share. Lot's of inspiration.

    Awe, i heart you! So happy to have made your day. I get so busy with life but I always manage to come back now and then to flood tumblr with beauty and inspiration. <3

  3. Blessed by Ray Caesar

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  4. youreaman:

    my weakness.

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  5. thereforeshesthewitch:

    oh my.

    where the hell are these beautiful boys?!

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