1. angstandacid-deactivated2010112 said: You're easily one of my favorite blogs. :]
    good work.

    You are too sweet! Thank you so much. I actually just clicked on yours and on the very first page I spotted an owl and some jellyfish and I knew we would get along. :] Have a great evening!

  2. Anonymous said: i enjoy your blog, but why do you never credit any of your photos? a lot of them i'll have seen before on other people's blogs, but you never reblog or even give a click-through link for credit. although i know you "take no credit for them," its a cop out to not show where you find what you post

    95% of my images come from or and at the end of the day it is just easier to right click and save an image into a folder then to go to the trouble of saving the link and trying to match it up to the correct picture later. I save hundreds of pictures and every couple of days I will arrange them into a certain order that I feel flows and post them. You can call it lazy or a cop out. Either way I apologize that it bothers you so much. I’d have to imagine a lot of tumblrs get under your skin in that case.